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Screen-Printing Inks Manufactured in South Africa, Exporting to Africa

Local Manufacturing

We proudly produce all of our products right here in Durban, South Africa, with a team of highly skilled specialists and support staff.

National Distribution

Our inks are served throughout the country through our distributor, NSDS (National Screen & Digital Supplies).

Exports to Africa

If you are situated in other parts of Africa, we have experience exporting our products across the continent.


About GL Specialized Inks

The Largest Screen-Printing Ink Manufacturer In Southern Africa

GL Specialized Inks is manufacturing screen inks on a scale unlike any other manufacturer in Southern Africa. We manufacture quality UV and Solvent based screen inks as well as the necessary solvents to work with our products. Our success lies in the fact that we provide high quality products at competitive prices and with incomparable customer service.

GL has established itself as a leading specialized ink manufacturing company with highly skilled specialists and support staff. Our manufacturing branch is based in Durban and we have a countrywide distribution network through NSDS (National Screen & Digital Supplies).

GL Prides itself on being the only independent manufacturing licensee world-wide for the internationally acclaimed NAZDAR products, helping us to be on top of innovative and exciting new ink product ranges providing a competitive edge for itself in the fields of all inks, specialist varnishes and resin technology.

Proud Partners


NAZDAR is a world leading manufacturer of inks and chemicals. GL proudly holds the only independent license to produce inks under the NAZDAR group of companies.

Proud Distributors


NSDS (National Screen and Digital Supplies) have branches and Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng to provide ink and printing equipment throughout the country.

Our Products

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UV Screen Inks

Get high-quality prints with our UV screen inks, specially formulated for excellent adhesion resistance and colour.

UV Dry Litho Inks

Explore our range of UV dry litho inks, with options suitable for a range of container printing, including food grade.

Solvent Screen Inks

Our solvent screen inks are perfect for printing on a wide range of substrates, including vinyl, paper, plastics and board.


Whether thinning inks or cleaning equipment, find the perfect solvent for the job to get the best results every time.